What We Do

The aims and objectives for which the Congress is established are to:

Organize and unite all workers in various job categories in Kenya and further bring them together and assist them in the struggle for their rights under the auspices of TUC- Ke.

Advance social, economic and political justice of all workers;
i) Regulate relations, negotiate and settle disputes among members of the Congress.
ii) Strive for the improvement of working and living conditions of workers in Kenya.
iii) Ensure that the worker earns a living wage and lives under habitable conditions.
iv) Promote members’ education, labour safety and job security.
v) Coordinate and synchronize activities of workers’ unions affiliated to TUC-Ke.
vi) Cooperate with and assist other industrial organizations, in the general interest of members of working class movement, in bringing about change in the socio-economic and political situation in Kenya.
vii) Provide and promote projects, training and seminars for members for self-improvement and capacity building.
viii) Provide advice and legal assistance, where considered necessary, to members and officials of the Congress in matters affecting their employment and social environment in general.
ix) Encourage and promote a spirit of oneness, solidarity and unity among workers based on the motto of TUC-Ke and on the philosophy of the indivisibility of the workers’ movement in Kenya.
x) Oppose all forms of discrimination in employment and to struggle for the right of all workers to work, as well as for workers’ free choice of employment provided that acceptable wages are being paid.
xi) Promote, oppose or support any action as might be in the interest of workers in general and the trade union movement in particular.
xii) Fight for the protection of women workers and their rights taking into account their unique status and natural maternal role in the society.
xiii) Promote and encourage optimum productivity at work place.
xiv) Fight for reasonable facilities and opportunities to enhance the general welfare of the physically challenged workers to enable them realize their full potential and advancement of their goals.
xv) Advance democratic rights of all workers in Kenya.
xvi) Uphold and fight for the internationally acceptable working hours and other internationally accepted labour practices.
xvii) Make representation to government on labour and trade union legislation and other matters affecting workers in general.
xviii) Promote full participation of workers in the governance of their country
xix) Promote local, regional and international friendship, cooperation and solidarity with all workers on the basis of mutual respect and noninterference in each other’s affairs.
xx) Do all other things consistent with this Constitution, to promote social dialogue, the interests and welfare of the Congress and its affiliate unions in this respect.

Represent and defend in solidarity the interests of affiliate organizations and their members before employers, international authorities, intergovernmental